Read my first visit on its opening week here.

Updated June 26, 2016- Check out latest post about Mitsui visit here on June 22, 2016.

Second visit

I’ve visited the Outlet Park in July 5 and this time more outlets had opened and they are charging for car park already.

Zalora Outlet has opened and they are selling their Raya collection, although the choices are quite limited. Quite a lot of shoes and tiny black outfits. Their RM15 items are scattered in a discount bin and quite dusty, sorry.

This time I bought some stuff from Sasa Outlet which is quite cheap after discount, just watch out for the expiry date of the products.

RM 63 for a bottle of NUXE Multi Purpose Dry Oil for Face, Body and Hair after 70% discount from RM210. Expiring in 2016, March.

RM10 for two glittery eyeliner.

RM 30 for 30 sachets of HDD Enzyme Drink, discounted from RM 129.

RM 5 for 5 cans of classic Herbacin German Camomile Hand Cream

Melium Outlet has opened and they had Hugo Boss polo shirts selling at RM 275, tee at RM 140.

Polo Ralph Lauren has opened too and their polo shirts are selling at RM 320 and RM350 for jeans.

Third Visit

This time all of the stores are open and their food court has opened too. Price of a plate of food like chicken rice is RM 9. Oldtown White Coffee had a booth in the food court too, normal priced. Cup corn RM5, waffles RM4 and Kaya balls RM4.


More restaurants to pick from: Sushi King, DOME, Para Thai, The Loaf, Coffee Bean.

Tiamo Outlet – RM 129 for two pair of shoes, I think they have the same promotion at their normal shop too with more and nicer choices of shoe design to choose from.

Sketchers – RM 159 – 179, the designs choices has change and I’ve mentioned before that the memory foam’s design are quite uncomfortable, it has changed now and their shoes are light and comfy, but I still haven’t made up my mind to buy one.

Adidas and Nike – still got queue outside the store but the queue moves fairly faster than before. Adidas’s stock has improved with newer ranges from AdiZero and Climacool but Nike’s stock choices has dropped.

I bought a hard poly luggage from Leather Avenue for RM 299, normal price RM 799. Quite a good deal, there’s quite a lot of luggage shop here such as Desley (cheaper than normal store), Bratpack, Universal Traveller, Samsonite, ACE Bags and Luggage (Japan brand, first outlet in Malaysia) and the fancy Zero Halliburton (also first outlet in Malaysia).

Best Buy pop- up store – has very limited Naraya bags choices and SKII at discounted price 20-30%, I can only remember the 30ml SKII Facial Treatment Essence selling at RM69 a bottle.

Fancier outlets opened too such as Club 21 Outlet (Paul Smith, Calvin Klein Platinum, DKNY, DKNY Jeans etc), DVF, BCBG and Ermenegildo Zegna. I didn’t venture in the shops. Can’t afford them =P Didn’t go into Tommy Hilfiger shop too, do not really wear polo shirts and I think the choices are quite okay. No Q in any of the stores mentioned above.

Look out for their shoppers activities at the square. When we were there, there is some carnival styled booths where you can play games to win some small gifts by showing your receipts with minimum spend of RM100. We won some bouncy balls at paper net goldfish (replaced with bouncy super balls) scooping game.


Check out latest post about Mitsui visit here, June 22, 2016.



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