Experience with Yamalube Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

I’m a fan of engine oil. I like to try new oil in my Honda Wave 125 before gradually using it. In my experience, the Petronas Syntium Moto 4SP is the best I ever had. It can maintain the engine smoothness and quietness up to 2,500km. Only drawbacks from this brand is very few motorcycle shops carry stock and price tag is at the premium line.

Yamalube is not a new product for me. It has the Yamaha logo on it and been catched my eyes for sometimes. However the mechanic refuse to sell it to me. “Yamalube is not suitable for Honda bike”, he claimed. Lately I switch to another bike shop and give this full sync oil a try in my Honda Wave 125.

Yes, like other full syn, it makes my engine rev light. Gear shift is smooth. Oil quality start to degrade after 1,500km where slightly rough engine noise is noticed. Selling at Rm38.00 per liter, it is very good performance oil since most of the branded semi-synthetic oil is price around RM35.00. The oil has Jaso MA2 and API SL rating. At viscosity 10w40, it is good for everyday use.

Since then I had service my Sym T2 with Yamalube Fully Synthetic. It is still serve good after 2,000km. How Yamaha manages to make their own oil? Actually it is a OEM product by Petronas Malaysia. Yamaha provides the specification and there goes the story. Yamahalube Canada makes a quite informative website about their products. It is worth to visit Yamahalube or do a quick overview with this video.

Yamalube Fully Synthetic 10w40IMG_20151011_161611_HDR


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