Simota Air Filter for Sym T2 – User Review

The name of the product “Simota Racing Air Filter Element”, won’t it be too catchy if the vehicle is not a racing machine? Almost all after market automotive parts like to use the word “Racing” to associate with high performance. This one is not exclusive.

This is a reusable air filter element. It is made from special wire netting and filter layer, where it can be cleaned with special solution and put back to airbox. K&N is another popular brand with reusable air filter.

SYM T2 is not a popular motorcycle in Malaysia. To acquire this air filter, it has to come from SYM’s homeland – Taiwan. The cost is TWD600, after all sort of shipping cost and etc, it came up around RM100. It is worthwhile considering an original SYM T2 air filter is at RM48 and not reusable. With the “Racing” mentality come with this product, definitely worth every single bucks and effort 🙂

It is quite easy to replace air filter on SYM T2. Just unscrew all the nuts around the seat and airbox, the air filter can be taken out simply. Comparing the size, there is no difference since Simota filter is design to fit into original air box. The edge of the air filter is slightly wider and this will give you hard time to mount it back to air box. Please be patience since you’re doing “Racing” works here 🙂 Overall this filter has larger surface exposes to air, it “may” able to absorb more air and give better combustion.

After some rides, I can confirmed following results in using Simota air filter.

  1. Engine rev quicker, reduce 1 second in reaching 7,000 rpm mark compare with original filter.
  2. Throttle is more responsive.
  3. Less backfiring.
  4. Fuel consumption has almost no difference.
The packaging box

Simota Air Filter


Simota air filter has larger surface layer since it does not has metal layer as original design.


Simota has slightly 1cm larger edge



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