Castrol Power1 4T 15W-40 Review

It has been long time I stop using Castrol products. The memory fraction come through my mind was David Beckham and lizard. Beckham was Castrol’s ambassador in early 2000’s and latter was Castrol Activ 4T packaging.  The advertisement illustrate the oil stick-on engine just like a lizard.

Probably due to weak branding, not many bike shop visited carry Castrol. I like to try difference brand of engine oils, the regular brand available on shelf usually are Shell, Motul, Elf and others. During Malaysian MotoGP 2015, lucky me to have a Castrol goodies bag with two bottle of Castrol Power1 4T 15W-40.

The Castrol Power1 4T 15W-40 is fill in a golden bottle, distinct it self as premium product from the outlook. The tag line Power Release Formula is quite a catchy phrase. Here is my verdict after 1,500km running it.

The oil is not very ‘light’, so it will not make the engine scream. However, the rev-factor is there. Every time I need to accelerate, the power just come easily and top the red line quicker. This is very convenience especially in stop and go city traffic. It helps to reduce gear shifting and power band seems has gone wider a bit. I can ride along the traffic with fourth gear.

Engine sound is still sounding smooth after 1,500km. Noticing the rev-factor has lesser and sometimes jerking in slow traffic. Up and down shifting slightly harder. Overall I think the oil still can serve some mileages, probably till 2,500km before overall performance really deteriorate.

Update: The sluggish is feeling in the end. Oil was flushed at 2000km and replaced with Power1 Racing. The Power1 is synthetic blend (semi sync) and Power1 Racing is fully sync. The packaging is quite identical.

POWER 1 4T 15W-40




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